Inter Madrassah Organisation (IMO) has been in operation since 2006 when it was founded by three young local volunteers in Blackburn with the support of a small group of like-minded community members who saw a gap in service provision, especially for young people in Blackburn.

At IMO, we provide a range of support and activities, mainly but not exclusively for young people from BME backgrounds who face multiple disadvantages. Each year we help about 3,500 young people. IMO is firmly grounded in the community where it is well-known and recognised, drawing on the regular support of over 60 volunteers to support our work and upon which we are dependent and extremely grateful.

The main activities we provide are on building positive and more confident attitudes through sport; enhancing life and education skills; improving employability; countering substance misuse; and promoting healthy living. We work in partnership with other organisations and groups in Lancashire but we concentrate on meeting un-met need and under-provision in the community – especially to enhance the capabilities and life chances of young people.

IMO's Mission & Objectives

IMO is guided by a determination to help young people achieve their potential and improve their future life chances. Throughout the previous years annual statements we highlighted a number of principles and values about our work with young people that make up our vision.

The activities and iniatives we offer are wide-ranging; these help the local community and especially young people address the challenges they face in relation to, health awareness, community cohesion, community safety, education, employability, social care and the local physical environment. We also offer a varied annual programme of sports and leisure, providing additional recreational opportunities both for the young and adults alike.

Central to these initiatives are IMO’s mission and objectives. These are to make a tangible difference in the community, especially for young people to help them fulfil their capabilities, achieve their potential, to enhance their life chances and social mobility. In the pursuit of this mission, IMO identifies and addresses the many challenges (local & global) that our young people face and need support to overcome. Sometimes IMO does this by filling gaps in provision; sometimes by working in constructive partnership with other organisations in the public, private and voluntary sector.

We thank all our supporters since 2006