Child food poverty

A disturbing reality which is increasing day by day in the towns and cities of the UK. Blackburn is included in these many towns where a shocking figure of over 16,000 children are living in poverty. Pupils arrive in schools and colleges without so much as a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Hungry, starving and exhausted of trying to work without eating a decent meal, the only source of help are the free school meals provided with by the Government.

Hunger is one of humanities greatest problems, yet in our list of things to fix, it’s one of our last concerns. We discuss how we need to change, but by the time the conversation is over, we have already mentally walked away from the devastation: too weak to face the task. Stand and fight with us today, to put food back at number one.

We don’t fight for air, nor do we need to force ourselves to breathe. Food is just as crucial as oxygen in order to survive, so why do we stick on overpriced labels on such a necessity? Why do we waste such a fundamental need of evolution when we could be working together to push humanity forwards? Eliminating hunger now will open up solutions to problems we haven’t yet touched- all because we are too caught up in our own materialistic needs to help our species.

Inter Madrassah Organisation (IMO) is working with a group of young girls named ‘power to the youth’ from the NCS project to help fight this daily war for food. To help raise awareness of child poverty the ‘power to the youth’ group has organised a sponsored walk which will take place on Saturday 10th November 2018.

The route of the walk will be from Darwen Town Centre, Darwen BB3 to Blackburn Town Hall King William Street, Blackburn BB1 7DY. The aim is to make the community aware of the daily struggle children go through for food. Be it long term or because their payment has been delayed, these children don’t have enough to eat of anything.

All of the money raised will be donated to Al Imdaad, where it will be given to the Blackburn Food Bank. The food bank gives the promise of a full, nutritious meal to local people who are in crisis. It is a lifeline for many people who simply cannot afford a meal for their families.

We are living in a world where food is a luxury we can’t all afford. Help us strive to make food accessible for all!

Gillian Beeley from Together Lancashire states “Watch this space – we are fighting for healthier, affordable access to food and to dispel the myths about what food poverty means”. There are no deserving and undeserving poor.

So please encourage family, friends, colleagues, children (aged 6 years and over) and groups – all are welcome. For more information contact Yaseen Patel on: 07846 370 014 or E: Alternatively you can register your place on

If you can’t make the walk but still want to be involved by sponsoring t-shirts or refreshments IMO would love to hear from you, please give Yaseen a call.

Written by Iram Ansari