Ibn Al Haytham Family Day Out – Science Industry Museum, Manchester 

Who Was Ibn al-Haytham

Ibn al-Haytham was a pioneering scientific thinker who made important contributions to the understanding of vision, optics and light. His methodology of investigation, in particular using experiment to verify theory, shows certain similarities to what later became known as the modern scientific method.

To explore the nature of light and vision, Ibn al-Haytham used a dark chamber he called “Albeit Almuzlim,” translated into Latin as “camera obscura” – the device that forms the basis of photography. He observed that light coming through a tiny hole travelled in straight lines and projected an image onto the opposite wall. Based on such experimentation, Ibn al-Haytham concluded that vision is accomplished by rays coming from external luminous sources and entering the eye, rather than through rays emitted from the eye as was commonly believed.

Family Day Out

Inter Madrassah Organisation is organising “Ibn Al-Haytham: Mysteries of How We See” family event at the iconic Manchester Central Library as part of the Manchester Science Festival.

The family event is to be held on Tuesday 23rd October 2018, where we will take children and their families on a wondrous journey to fascinating ancient times through the eyes of Ibn al-Haytham, the 11th century pioneer from Arabia, who made remarkable contributions to the understanding of light, optics and vision.

Visitors will be introduced to the principles of light and vision through many exciting activities; walking into a giant turban-shaped camera obscura, watching demonstrations of live optical illusions, learning how 3D glasses work with the opportunity to make their own pair, and much more. Children will leave understanding the secrets of optics, knowing why and how light travels in straight lines, and with new knowledge on the contributions of ancient civilisations to our understanding of vision.

Children and their families will also have the opportunity to watch the exciting short film starring late legendary actor Omar Sharif following the story of the brave young scientist from 11th century Arabia.

Families wanting to join the Ibn Al-Haytham event at Manchester Central Library for a fun-filled journey of learning through seeing and exploring need to register by Monday 8th October 2018 clicking HERE.

Date & Time of departure: Tuesday 23rd October 2018 approximately 9:00am.
Venue: Bus Stop outside Masjid e Noorul Islam car park, Audley Range, Blackburn BB1 1TF.
Time of return: approximately 16:00.
Cost: Entry to Science Festival is free, but for transport, you will need to pay £10 per person.
Please refer to the poster for further details.